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April 17th, 2007 - Fleet Automation Services launches Solar Powered Tracker, FAS-550, for unpowered vessels.
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March 1st 2007 - Polestar Global Appoints Fleet Automation Services as Commercial Marine Distributor in S.E.A
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Vessel monitoring system

The global coverage provided by the Inmarsat-C satellite network, alows reception and transmision of messages from any ocean, directly to an e-mail address, SMS, fax, Telex or another Inmarsat-C or mini-C transceiver.

Depending on Inmarsat-C and mini-C model, easyMail is prepared for Enhanced Group Call (EGC) reception, comprising of FleetNet and SafetyNet. EGC supports reception of free Inmarsat-C broadcasted weather reports and maritme safety warnings etc, making easyMail more and more popular onboard commercial ships, fishing vessels and ocean going yachts, as the most simple and cost-efficient communications solution.

VMS Working Principle [PATENT PENDING]

The above block diagram illustrates the concept and principle of Vessel Monitoring SCADA System. The SCADA systems consist of three major layers. They are Field components, PLC systems and SAT systems respectively. The first layer is the generation & processing of SCADA data’s, the second layer is the collection & conversion of SCADA data’s and the third layer’s propagating the SCADA system data to land office by SAT systems.

VMS for Marine Application:

Using SCADA systems to monitor & control the Vessel equipment, it is also able to control the action of vessel systems by locally as well remotely. The vessel monitoring SCADA system constitutes of total ship alarm status, warning alert, vessel fuel bunkering management, tank level management and engine management. The above mentioned system data can be monitored from any particular location to any land office at any specified time of interval without delay. The lists of ship monitoring systems are as follows:

1. RPM monitoring
2. Fuel monitoring,
3. Engine alarm monitor & control and
4. Vessel distress to mobile phone as well as an email to land office.
5. Tank level monitoring (Optional)

Terms and Conditions of VMS System

All products by Fleet Automation Services Pte Ltd have a full 2- year variable warranty from date of receipt by purchaser. The product is fully exchangeable, under this warranty, provided that no physical abuse, water damage, or any other physical damage has occurred to the product and/or pertaining to a broken seal on the system. 1st year warranty covers parts and labour with 2nd year hereafter, covering only parts.

All equipment warranties are stated above and applicable warranties are so stipulated. If an on-site service technician finds external reasons for the failure, a charge for the equipment (if necessary) will be issued with the exchanged equipment. If a repair, not requiring an equipment replacement is found, the labor and installation warranty will apply as stated below.

For labor and installation charges, all systems, installed by Fleet Automation Services Pte Ltd. Personnel carry a fully one year no-charge warranty. After one year from the installation date, prevailing labour charges, including travel to and from the vessel location, will be applied.


The “Vessel Monitoring System” [VMS] is NOT an aid to navigation. Fleet Automation Services Pte Ltd actively promotes VMS as a “Management Information Tool” and its use is not intended as a replacement for any other devices that may actively monitor the same function(s). A cautious navigator does not rely on a single source of information for monitoring a Vessel’s Asset Information Data [VAID]. Fleet Automation Services works in conjunction with many different information producing devices, cabling and other elements, and therefore is not in any way responsible for any damages to person or property, in any way, even if incorrect information is displayed, or not displayed on the Vessel Monitoring System.


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